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Twitter on your iPod Touch?

Yes, Twitter on your iPod Touch or Iphone! This app is called TwitterFon, it is a free application in the app store. What you can do with this app is update your twitter account, send replies, and send messages. You can also “Re-tweet” tweets that have already been made. This is a great app for anyone that wants to update there twitter on the go! The only problem is, it does not manage more that one twitter account, like I have. But not to many people I know of have more that one twitter account so thats not a BIG problem. This app only allows 100 refreshes per hour, just like twhirl and twitter etc. Me, i update it about every 5 minutes or so, just because I don’t want to go over the limit and wait the rest of the hour. This is what TwitterFon will look like once you downloaded it on your iPod Touch/iPhone.

Pretty cool icon, pretty cool app.

But I would recommend this program to just about anyone with a twitter account.

Thats it for this review! Thanks for reading!!

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