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The Apple Acceptance Process

What do you want to see in terms of applications on your shiny, intelligent iDevice? How about a dictionary, with every word already preinstalled so you don’t need an internet connection to look up long words? Or maybe you could use a VoIP application which masks your phone number and routes it to a different one? Or how about an app which lets you watch live television, and Stickam streams?

Well you need Ninjawords Dictionary, Google Voice, and Qik! Three perfect apps to increase the gadget power on your iPod Touch! Except these three have one thing in common – Apple rejected all three.

But do you know what they did accept? Asian Boobs and Gym Babes…

Ninjawords had a long application process, before being told it was unacceptable for the App Store for having vulgar language in it. Curse words and their definitions. Even though the developers made SURE that if you typed “Shi” into the search bar, the full word wouldn’t appear on the suggestions list. It was told to either remove the bad language, or change its age rating to 17+, and even then the secondary application took just as long.

Google Voice was developed by Google to go alongside its new GV online app in the USA. But because it was so similar to the already existent Phone application (on the iPhone… not iPod Touch) it was rejected. And it caused a huge uproar – Mainly because Skype does pretty much the same job, but that got accepted, no questions asked.

And finally, Qik – Which is now on the App Store as of last night. It was supposed to be a live streaming app, so you could literally stream live from your iPhone and (presumably) watch live streams too! But now it’s just something which streams prerecorded videos… Only available over Wifi…

And these three apps would be really useful to have! So what are Apple accepting? Pornography, essentially. In July, I saw so many apps featuring female models hit the App Store. Free versions of the app had bikini pictures, and paid versions (normally only a dollar) have fully nude photos of the women. A new app that’s just hit the top 100 Free Apps on the UK iTunes, is Gym Babes – Which lets you watch women WORKING OUT AT THE GYM. It’s got 2 women’s top half of their bodies, jiggly away as they run, with some pervy, 1980s music playing in the background.

What the hell!? Who’s buying this crap? A simple Google search could bring up all of that for free anyway! Why are Apple accepting thousands of flashlight applications, thousands of Fart apps, thousands of Boob apps. How is a prestigious company like Apple able to get away with this?

Who knows what thought process the guys at the application acceptance department have… I think it’s all getting a little bit too out of hand now, and Apple need to start giving us stuff that we WANT, not stuff that will make them money.

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