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iPhone OS 3.1: MMS & tethering via AT&T, Bluetooth file transfer

With less than three weeks left to the AT&T’s self-imposed “late summer” deadline for MMS on iPhone, Apple is hastily putting the finishing touches to the iPhone Software 3.1. The update will enable MMS and modem tethering via AT&T’s cellular network, in addition to over Bluetooth and copy-pasting video files.
According to an unknown tipster, AT&T will enable MMS for iPhone users via the upcoming iPhone OS 3.1. Multiple online reports, based on developer beta seeds of the iPhone OS 3.1, confirm that the firmware enables the MMS service and modem tethering over the AT&T’s cellular network, the two features that iPhone users around the world have been enjoying since the release of the iPhone OS 3.0.
The tethering feature will most likely require a separate AT&T tethering plan which should offer capped tethering data for a fixed monthly fee, unlike most non-U.S. carriers who count tethering data against a monthly data limit included in your iPhone plan. The iPhone OS 3.1 will also let you send and receive files (images, songs, videos, contacts, locations, etc.) via Bluetooth, the one feature that most phones, except the iPhone, have had for a long time.
9 to 5 Mac speculates that the firmware could enable other goodies, such as:

social networking of iTunes songs played, potentially a subscription-based streaming music service and more.

Apple Insider has learned that the iPhone OS 3.1 will officially support augmented reality applications via the iPhone 3GS’ camera. The publication also discovered an “iProd 1,1″ reference in the USBConfiguration.plist file of the firmware that usually indicates first-generation products like a rumored Apple tablet.
As Geek reported earlier, the iPhone OS 3.1 will also enable the VoiceControl feature over Bluetooth headsets (currently, spoken commands only work through the iPhone’s built-in microphone). You’ll be able to save video attachments to your photo album and save a copy of a trimmed on the iPhone 3G S without overwriting the original file. The software will apparently improve battery life on the iPhone 3G S, startup and shutdown times of applications, and the performance of OpenGL and Quartz graphic libraries. Expect the usual assortment of little touches, like a rumored anti-phishing or the device vibrating when home screen icons are jiggling.
The iPhone OS 3.1 will be accompanied by an updated version of the SDK and Xcode 3.1.3 tools specifically designed to enable developers to tap Imagination’s PowerVR SGX GPU found in the iPhone 3G S, resulting in greater details and smoother frame rates in iPhone 3G S-optimized games.
Apple has seeded developers with the first beta of the iPhone OS 3.1 a little over two months ago, shortly after the iPhone 3G S hit stores nationwide. The third beta, labeled 7C116A, was released a month ago, indicating that the software is nearing the final release stage. With less than three weeks left before AT&T’s self-imposed “late summer” deadline for the MMS service (Autumn begins on September 22), Apple will probably release the iPhone software at the September 9 iPod event since it’ll be necessary to unlock the alleged camera and GPS hardware additions for the iPod touch.
A class action lawsuit filed at a Louisiana district court last month targeted both Apple and AT&T over the lack of MMS capability on iPhone, claiming that Apple should be made accountable for false advertising:


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  1. December 29, 2009 at 8:47 am

    Can’t wait to install the 3.1 OS on my iPhone

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