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The Jailbreak Race Is On!

Today’s been a rollercoaster ride.  To summarise: the original iPhone jailbreaker, GeoHot, announced he had discovered  an exploit to jailbreak 3.1 on all devices; Chronic Dev subsequently panicked and staked their claim to this exploit on the iPhone Wiki by revealing full details; GeoHot naturally got angry and said he was stopping work on the 3.1 universal jailbreak as Apple could now rush out a new firmware to patch it out; Chronic Dev’s blog got bombarded with hate mail and they closed down comments (apologising and suggesting that those who wanted civilized discussion head over to iPodtouchFans).  GeoHot has cooled and just edited up his earlier blog post and now appears to be back at work on his 3.1 exploit.

So it looks as though Chronic Dev and GeoHot could be in a race to get their iPod touch 3G 3.1 jailbreak out first.  They both promised all encompassing jailbreaks that will free the full range of devices and GeoHot suggested earlier today that his tool could be out within days while also suggesting a short while ago that Chronic Dev are still weeks away.  If they are fighting it out for the finish line, I know who my money’s on!  Nevertheless, good luck to both and thanks to everyone involved in trying to free 3.1.

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