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In 2010, hackers could focus on Wave Google, Android and iPhone

December 30, 2009 1 comment

Roel Schouwenberg, a researcher involved in the Kaspersky Lab-Americans, said that most likely, with the arrival of the new year, there might be a change in the type of malware that spreads on the net. In your opinion, Google Wave, Android and iPhone will be services / devices more targeted by hackers all the world.

Regarding Google Wave will begin with spam and it goes up to phishing attacks, and finally to the vulnerability of the system. Android for the contamination will be ahead of peers from the continued expansion and dissemination of these new devices. More peaceful situation for the device of Apple: second Schouwenberg, in fact, all the iPhone are fairly protected through control present on AppStore.

The only threat, perhaps, could result in a device jailbreakkato, the procedure removes all the limitations that Apple has introduced to prevent precisely these unfortunate happened.

Finally, the researcher says the malware will be increasingly sophisticated and will become an ever greater threat.


Apple reduces approval times for applications?

December 30, 2009 1 comment

From a few days ago, iTunes Connect, apparently, it seems that the timing of approval of applications has declined significantly, as reported by the developer Mario Refetto.

The application of Mario, The Mind Reader, available in AppStore for the price of € 0.79 yesterday, was sent to Apple in December 29 at 3:10, came in at 8:24 approval and was approved at 17:36 of the same day.

Hoping this is not a sporadic case, and this speed, however, is the result of significant enhancements made to the approval process of applications, we invite the developers to leave comments or send us reports about their experience.