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iPhone Baseband 5.12.01 Exploit Found? Unlock On Its Way?

February 11, 2010 1 comment

So earlier today there was a little rumble in the unlock world,via Twitter, as a new exploit was rumored to be found for the new iPhone 3.1.3 firmware’s baseband 5.12. Sherif Hashim managed to crash the baseband, which in turn could possibly be used for an unlock.

A little while later MuscleNerd of the iPhone DevTeam, confirmed that it was a legit find.

What does all of this mean? Well, maybe an unlock for the early up graders of iPhone 3.1.3 that relied on the unlock and are now stuck. But, with the time it takes to actually develop it into an unlock, my guess is that no one will burn the exploit, and tip their hand to Apple this close to the release schedule for a new device and firmware. But, stranger things have happened.

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In 2010, hackers could focus on Wave Google, Android and iPhone

December 30, 2009 1 comment

Roel Schouwenberg, a researcher involved in the Kaspersky Lab-Americans, said that most likely, with the arrival of the new year, there might be a change in the type of malware that spreads on the net. In your opinion, Google Wave, Android and iPhone will be services / devices more targeted by hackers all the world.

Regarding Google Wave will begin with spam and it goes up to phishing attacks, and finally to the vulnerability of the system. Android for the contamination will be ahead of peers from the continued expansion and dissemination of these new devices. More peaceful situation for the device of Apple: second Schouwenberg, in fact, all the iPhone are fairly protected through control present on AppStore.

The only threat, perhaps, could result in a device jailbreakkato, the procedure removes all the limitations that Apple has introduced to prevent precisely these unfortunate happened.

Finally, the researcher says the malware will be increasingly sophisticated and will become an ever greater threat.

How to get more then 11 Home screens on iPhone 3.0

August 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Click the image to open in full size.

Daynah from just couldn’t abide the meager 11 pages and paltry 180 apps provided by iPhone 3.0, so she went about forcing Apple’s SpringBoard home screen manager to give her more. How did she do it?

Check the link above for the details, but the but gist is filling up more than the default 11 pages (additional apps will still be hidden), then moving built-in apps to the last spot, then moving in an additional icon to force a built-in app off the 11th screen, the downloading an app to fill in the empty spot, and… presto — 12th page.

Ninja level work-around to be sure, but if you can’t live with 180 visible apps, and decide to experiment, let us know your results!

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Charlie Miller to Demonstrate iPhone SMS Hack at Black Hat Conference Today

Almost a month ago we linked to an Engadget report on Charlie Miller and his SMS exploit for the iPhone. Well, today is the day he intends to show it off at the Black Hat conference.

Thanks to some last minute media attention, however, the general iPhone user base seems to be getting a tad nervous. And rightly so. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, in an ideal world, NSA expert come iHacker Charlie, who’s claim to current fame is using Mac exploits to win Pwn2own contests and free laptops, would work with companies like Apple and Microsoft (yes, it looks like Windows Mobile has an exploit as well), and those companies would patch the exploits as immediately as possible, before any “research” was publicly disclosed and any bad guys decided to use them as attack vectors.

TiPb will update post-Miller’s Black Hack disclosure, and hopefully Apple will roll the security fix into a quick 3.0.2 firmware release, or hurry 3.1 out of the gate.

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~post taken from ipodtouchfans

Looks like they might fix this exploit soon. But until then, all iphones are in danger. To prevent this, if you get a text message with a single square character… Turn your phone off ASAP to prevent damage!