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iBlueNova: finally finished and very soon in cydia store!!!

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday MeDevil evening has sent to the last version beta to us of its program, iBlueNova. Now it is ready for being released and you will have to attend only some day that is succeeded to speak with Saurik for the publication in Cydia Store.

In this new and last version:

  • It comes resolved the timeout in the shipment of rows with qualified authentication
  • It comes resolved a problem with the qualification of the BT on the 3G
  • Completed integration of the licences
  • Resolved opening bug rows from iFile.
  • Removed backgrounding native.

If you want to read to all the innovationes of the last version (Beta 4) we invite you to cliccare here, while found a book review complete I use on it of iBlueNova here.

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How to get more then 11 Home screens on iPhone 3.0

August 12, 2009 Leave a comment

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Daynah from just couldn’t abide the meager 11 pages and paltry 180 apps provided by iPhone 3.0, so she went about forcing Apple’s SpringBoard home screen manager to give her more. How did she do it?

Check the link above for the details, but the but gist is filling up more than the default 11 pages (additional apps will still be hidden), then moving built-in apps to the last spot, then moving in an additional icon to force a built-in app off the 11th screen, the downloading an app to fill in the empty spot, and… presto — 12th page.

Ninja level work-around to be sure, but if you can’t live with 180 visible apps, and decide to experiment, let us know your results!

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6 Reasons to Jailbreak Your iPhone

August 8, 2009 2 comments

This is six reasons to jailbreak your iPhone. Thanks to QuarkOne from xSellize for these six incredibly obvious reasons to jailbreak 🙂
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Hacking your iPhone to run unofficial, third-party apps may seem unnecessary since Apple hosts its own App Store. But the corporation’s recently enforced prohibitions on some apps, such as the banning of Google Voice, are reviving the incentive for customers to jailbreak their iPhones once again.

Thanks to Cydia, an unauthorized app store open to jailbroken iPhones, consumers can still access some software that Apple won’t allow. Think free text-messaging and cheap international calls thanks to a Google Voice app that Apple banned. Or features that we can’t have yet, such as multimedia messaging and tethering. Here, we round up a list of the most compelling reasons to jailbreak your iPhone.
Click the image to open in full size.1. Google Voice
Apple recently rejected and banned Google Voice apps from its App Store. The apps would have augmented the search giant’s new voice service, which enables users to rely on a single phone number to ring all their phones, while also delivering the gift of free text messages, voicemail service and cheap international calls. The move stirred so much controversy that even the Federal Communications Commission is inquiring about the prohibition.
Thankfully in the Cydia store there’s GV Mobile, an unofficial Google Voice app. In light of Apple’s blanket ban of Google Voice apps, GV Mobile is the no. 1 reason to jailbreak your iPhone (if you weren’t one of the lucky few to grab a copy before Apple banned it). Overall the app is really sweet, despite having room to improve in terms of performance (connecting to Google’s server each time you launch the app can be a drag). Your contacts list is nicely integrated into the phone dialer and SMS sender; the overall UI is slick and cool. After a few minutes you’ll be sending free text messages, and maybe even dialing your relatives in Taiwan for once with cheap international VOIP calls. The best part? The app’s free.
Click the image to open in full size.2. Unrestricted 3G Privileges
AT&T iPhone owners pay $30 per month for “unlimited” 3G data access. But your access isn’t truly unlimited, thanks to restrictions that Apple imposed on some apps. SlingPlayer, an app that streams television from a Slingbox device, was crippled to work only on a Wi-Fi connection at the request of Apple and AT&T. And the Skype VOIP app only works on Wi-Fi, too, rendering it impractical.
This is where 3G Unrestrictor comes in handy. The $2 app enables jailbroken iPhone users to select any app that they wish to use over 3G, including Skype and SlingPlayer. Also, by default the App Store won’t let you download files larger than 10MB on the 3G network, and 3G Unrestrictor will remove that regulation, too. Free your apps and download away!
3. Tethering
Apple promised the new iPhone 3.0 OS would deliver tethering, but AT&T customers have yet to see that promise fulfilled. AT&T promised tethering would arrive “late summer.” Well, we’re waiting, and it’s not here yet. Some iPhone 3.0 users have figured out a roundabout way to turn on tethering without hacking, but that solution is only temporary.
Guess what? There’s a tethering app in Cydia, too. It’s a $5 app called Tether. The steps on setting up tethering aren’t as simple as Apple’s, but hey, you don’t even have to pay a monthly fee to use the service. The app even includes a feature to set a data cap in case you’re worried about extra charges incurred on your account if AT&T catches you tethering. It’s a little rough around the edges thanks to the network setup taking a few minutes, but we still love it.

Click the image to open in full size.4. Overseas Travel
Need to travel? Your iPhone can only go so far thanks to its carrier-tied SIM card, unless you wish to receive bills up the nostril thanks to international roaming costs. Jailbreaking will actually enable you to follow a process to unlock your iPhone to work with other carriers’ SIM cards overseas.
5. Pissing off Apple
Whether you’re a developer who has a beef with Apple, or if you’re a consumer who’s pissed at Apple, or if you’re a kid whose puppy was run over by an employee of Apple, then you may want to exact revenge by jailbreaking your iPhone. That’s because Apple clearly doesn’t like it when users jailbreak their iPhones. The company claims the process is illegal, and goes as far as to say jailbreaking will crash cellphone towers. So far these are empty threats, although buyer beware: Future court decisions, laws or FCC regulations may put teeth into Apple’s claims.
6. Pissing off AT&T
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Frustrated with AT&T’s brainless customer service, spotty network reception and passive-aggressive totalitarian rule over the App Store? Jailbreaking for any of the reasons above will piss off AT&T, mostly by enabling your applications to use its 3G network without restriction. Or, if you like, you can take your protest a step further and unlock your jailbroken phone, enabling it to work with with T-Mobile or any other GSM-based carrier. It’s not a tea party, it’s an AT&T party!
So what are you waiting for? We won’t tell you how to jailbreak your phone, but you can find the necessary tools and instructions on iPhone Dev-Team’s blog. We also found

App Store rejections tied to third party rights infringements

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment

by Erica Sadun (RSS feed) on Aug 5th, 2009
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Apple recently invited a great deal of criticism after it rejected Google’s Google Voice application from App Store. At the same time, it pulled third party GV apps leaving their developers without recourse and forced to swallow refund costs that exceeded their initial per-sale earnings. Today Engadget notes Daring Fireball’s story of a simple dictionary being censored. Now it looks as if Apple may be targeting the e-book section of App Store.
TUAW has learned that Apple has begun rejecting all e-book submissions because “this category of applications is often used for the purpose of infringing upon third party rights. We have chosen to not publish this type of application to the App Store.” At first glance, this policy seems in line with Apple’s approach to applications that promise charitable contributions. Apple cannot police the developers and will not allow possibly fraudulent postings on their store. Apple does not want to be in the position of vetting rights claims.
At the same time, Apple has been rejecting applications from content providers who do in fact own the rights to their materials and can prove those rights. A colleague who spoke on the condition of anonymity related that a project he developed for a national content syndicate was rejected without recourse. He still got paid for his work but the application languishes without an outlet.
Apple isn’t stopping with content source providers. They’re also targeting those who provide media browsing tools. Another developer who built an e-book reader received a recent rejection along the same lines. The application might be used to read copyright infringing books, so Apple will not let it in App Store. In an e-mail, he wrote, “Leaving aside the presumption of innocence, [what] about iTunes and iPod; shouldn’t they be banned too? After all many users indeed are using them to listen to the music that is not always legally obtained.”
It’s obviously premature to assign an external motivation to Apple and TUAW has no evidence whatsoever that Apple is using these rejections to pave its way to a new market. At the same time, the timing of these rejections couldn’t be worse. With Apple rumored to enter the e-book market sometime in the winter, this new policy could fly very close to regulatory scrutiny.

Apple wrote to TUAW to clear up the speculation around ebook app approvals. From a representative at Apple:

“We have not stopped approving ebook readers and ebooks in fact we’ve approved 221 new ebooks to the App Store since 7/30/09. The book category in the App Store lists 6,000 apps and this doesn’t cover the full scope since ebooks are included in other categories like medical, reference and education.”

FiveIrows does not conflict anymore with FiveIconDock!

Yes, that is right!

The popular add on for the ipod/iphone is now fixed and is now compaitable with the five icon dock addon.

What the problem was is that when you had FiveIconDock installed, it caused the icons above the dock to get messed up and bunch up in a corner and have blank spots and so on.

But not anymore.

So feel free to download and install FiveColum springboard, FiveIrows, and fiveicondock 😀 with no problems

GPower, the “Power off” extender.

What GPower looks like

What GPower looks like

GPower extends your power down screen to include options for restaring SpringBoard, and rebooting.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you need to respring your iPhone but can’t get to the proper app to do so but you can get the power off slider, GPower simply adds the ability to respring, reboot, as well as power off your iPhone. It does it by adding two extra sliders under the power off slider giving easy access to those functions. Perfect for someone who needs to respring a lot.

source to obtain this great add on is: