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Opera Mini Coming To The iPhone

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes you hear that right and you hear it on FSM first. Althought we have a couple of browser alternatives in the appstore and Cydia, people always craved for Opera Mini or Firefox. Well, Opera Software, maker of the world’s most popular mobile Web browser, plans to reveal Opera Mini for iPhone in an exclusive press and partner preview during the 2010 Mobile World Congress (MWC).

  • Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 on Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile handsets
  • Opera Mobile 10 beta running on Android handsets
  • Opera Mini 5 beta, running on a variety of handsets and platforms
  • Opera’s cross-platform Widgets Manager beta, running on Windows Mobile and S60 handsets
We are thrilled to offer journalists and partners an exclusive preview of Opera Mini for iPhone during the year’s biggest mobile event. This is a unique opportunity to introduce the fast, feature-rich Opera Mini experience for the iPhone, and to showcase our latest beta releases of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini on other platforms and devices. Opera’s mission is to bring the Web to the world, and by making Opera Mini available on yet another platform, we are one step closer.

To hear more from Opera about the future of the Web, you can attend one of the speaking engagements during MWC

Monday, February 15, 2010

  • 15:00 — Jon von Tetzchner, Vodafone panel discussion on “Mobile Web developments, W3C standards, using Web APIs and the live creation of widgets”, in Hall 7, Auditorium 1

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

  • 14:00 — Håkon Wium Lie, panel discussion on “Mobile security in an IP world”, Hall 5
  • 14:00 — Christen Krogh, presentation on “Creating a connected cloud for the perfect mobile storm”, Hall 5
  • 15:45 — GSMA Awards ceremony, Opera Mini shortlisted for “Best Mobile Internet Service” and “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough”, Hall 5, Level 3, Auditorium 1

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iBlueNova: finally finished and very soon in cydia store!!!

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday MeDevil evening has sent to the last version beta to us of its program, iBlueNova. Now it is ready for being released and you will have to attend only some day that is succeeded to speak with Saurik for the publication in Cydia Store.

In this new and last version:

  • It comes resolved the timeout in the shipment of rows with qualified authentication
  • It comes resolved a problem with the qualification of the BT on the 3G
  • Completed integration of the licences
  • Resolved opening bug rows from iFile.
  • Removed backgrounding native.

If you want to read to all the innovationes of the last version (Beta 4) we invite you to cliccare here, while found a book review complete I use on it of iBlueNova here.

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iPhone’s Safari Is This Generation’s Internet Explorer 6

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Peter-Paul Koch has won international renown with his browser compatibility research and is the man with opinions about mobile web. Here is one of his opinions: mobile Safari is this generation’s Internet Explorer 6, and will be hated by future webdevs.

No matter how much better the iPhone/iPad/iPod might be as a mobile browsing experience, developing content that only works on those devices, ignores everything else, is a backward step.

The iPhone has become an obsession. If we don’t pay attention, we’ll have a mobile web that only works on the iPhone. And then we’ll have the real mobile web that wasn’t made by us and doesn’t give a shit about web standards and best practices. Worse, it seems web developers are happy with this state of affairs.

Mentioning Nokia is the mark of the rude boor. The man of discernment mentions the iPhone. And mentions it and mentions it and mentions it. And then mentions the iPad, to show he is open to non-iPhone devices. The bigger the better.

Peter-Paul notes that too many webdevs are concentrating on optimizing for MobileSafari , even though there are a lot more platforms out there, that they can work with. The same thing happened back in 2000, when Internet Explorer 6 was the most popular browser, but today webdevs from all around the world are trying to get rid of it once and for all.
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Wallpaper* City Guides Available For The iPhone And iPod Touch

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Wallpaper* and Phaidon have made a name for themselves over the years for producing small but well crafted city guides. If you are anything like me, you sure don’t like to be seen with a city guide that shouts out TOURIST, and a pocket sized one would be just wonderful.

Well, Wallpaper* has developed their city guides into a line of iPhone apps that are as well designed as the guides themselves.There are 9 different apps for 9 different cities around the world, available in the appstore and each one costs $3.99. However, they are giving away for free the Berlin City guide so all you need is to grab your copy and book some tickets for Berlin. Also, if you are interested in a printed version, there are over 80 Wallpaper* City Guides are available to buy online from the Phaidon Store.

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Google Gets A New UI For Their Mobile Search Engine

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Just a quick heads-up: Google enhanced their mobile search engine UI . It seems that they are following the same trend on the browser version as well as on the mobile version of the search engine and try to keep it as minimalistic as possible.

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CES 2010: Virtual Service That Adds A Second Phone Number To Your iPhone

January 9, 2010 Leave a comment

In the past couple of days we’ve talked a bit about CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) which is the biggest electronics show in America and it will take place in Las Vegas later this week. Before the show is open its door to everybody, and the stories will invade us, lets take a look at a few products you will find at CES this year. CES10 Episode 8: Line2 iPhone app – Virtual Service That Adds A Second Phone Number To Your iPhone

iPhone users always wanted something pretty much none of them need: dual SIM capabilities. Although this is mostly business oriented, there were a lot of 3rd party devices ( good or bad ) that offered the possibility to add a second SIM to the iPhone. Well, how about a virtual phone service that adds a second number to your iPhone?

Peter Sisson is the CEO of Toktumi, a San Francisco company with a cool app that adds a second phone number to your iPhone. He kinda looks like Roger Sterling, the silver-haired, hard-drinking, hard smoking character from Mad Men.

Except Peter isn’t smoking, and he isn’t drinking. But he’s certainly got the same moxie. Sisson borrowed someone’s badge to gain entrance to an exclusive, invite-only CES event so that he could pitch a new version of his iPhone app to some of the hundreds of press in attendance. I’m glad he did, because it’s a doozie.

Toktumi’s Line2 iPhone app is a “virtual” phone service that adds a second number to your iPhone. Aimed at business users, it allows you to keep your iPhone number for friends and family, and give your Line2 number to business contacts.

The app is already in the app store, but a major update is winding through Apple’s approval process. If the updated app is approved next week, it will be the first third-party app to offer telephone calls over cell networks AND Wi-Fi.

It’s a big step for a “virtual” phone service like Toktumi, transforming it into a truly alternative telephone service that rivals the built-in telephone functions of the iPhone.

In other words, you get a second telephone number offers incoming and outgoing calls, cheap international rates, and visual voicemail just like the iPhone. The app doesn’t have to be running to accept a call — if someone rings your Line2 number, your iPhone rings as normal.

Oddly, it was this replication of “core functions” that Apple cited to the FCC as the reason it rejected Google’s Voice app. An app that makes calls just like the iPhone might confuse users, Apple told the FCC.
But it now seems clear that Apple rejected Google’s app not because of customer confusion, but because of Google.

“It’s clear that Apple rejected the Google app for competitive reasons,” said Sisson as he demoed his app for me. “It’s Apple’s sandbox, particularly now that Google has the Nexus One.”

Line2 offers much the same functionality as the Google Voice app, but Apple likely doesn’t see it as a competitive threat. It’ll offer everything in Google Voice (except SMS) – and more. It offers lots of business features such as caller ID, call rejection and re-routing, and conference calling.

It also works on the cell network when away from Wi-Fi or in the car, unlike rival VOIP services like Skype and Vonage.

The addition of Wi-Fi calling is a major boon, especially for iPhone customers who live in cell network dead zones. Wi-Fi calling also offers a cheap alternative to expensive overseas roaming charges.
“And you get to pay for it,” said Sisson, laughing. “That’s how we make money but you get support and lots of uptime. There’s also someone to call. With Google, there’s no one to call if something goes wrong. Google Voice is a great consumer app but that’s why we call this a ‘pro’ app.”

There’s a chance the app won’t be approved. Sisson was in touch with Apple’s Phil Schiller several months ago. He asked Schiller, the de facto head of the approval process, if it was OK to add Wi-Fi calling. Schiller replied with a noncommittal email saying there are other phone apps with that feature but he couldn’t guarantee it would be approved. Nor could he provide guidance. If the update isn’t approved, it’ll be a major blow, said Sisson. “You have to read the tea leaves and take a risk.”

Sisson is crossing his fingers it will be approved next week and be available for download in early February. Around the same time, Toktumi will be releasing a Mac desktop application that will make calls over the web, as well as offering customization and management features.

“It’s like Skype but it’s all unified,” said Sisson. “It works on your PC, your iPhone and your land line.”

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CES 2010: iPhone App Sharing via WiFi Or Bluetooth

January 9, 2010 Leave a comment
In the past couple of days we’ve talked a bit about CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) which is the biggest electronics show in America and it will take place in Las Vegas later this week. Before the show is open its door to everybody, and the stories will invade us, lets take a look at a few products you will find at CES this year. CES10 Episode 9: iPhone App Sharing via WiFi Or Bluetooth.

I’ve always said that with all this apps available in the appstore, iPhone users must be able to “test drive” and app before buying it. Some of you know , that i’ve said that way before Lite versions of various apps were even available in the appstore. Well how about sharing your apps with any other iPhone or iTouch via WiFi or Bluetooth? Seems that somebody had a good idea at CES 2010… Here’s a good idea for virally marketing apps that Apple should think about — wirelessly beaming apps to other iPhones like the Zune’s music sharing feature.

Microsoft’s Zune is mostly a me-too product, but it’s one great feature is being able to lend music to friends Zune-to-Zune via Wi-Fi. Shared tracks can be played three times, after which they must be purchased from the Zune marketplace. It’s a great idea but tragically underused because there are so few Zunes out there.

Not so with iPhones. And one of the thorniest problems for iPhone users is discovering new apps. But what if you could share apps with friends iPhone-to-iPhone? With navigation of Apple’s overstuffed App Store such a chore, being able to quickly and easily share apps with friends would surely be a hit.
The idea was suggested by a member of the audience at a CES panel discussion about iPhone apps on Wednesday afternoon. None of the panelists had heard the idea before, but instantly warmed to it.

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