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Tweetie… Better then twitterfon?

April 30, 2009 Leave a comment

This new twitter applicate that I’m goingto review right now is called twittie. This app was recommends to me by a friend and I thought why not. It costs about $2.99 in the app store. To me I say this is 20 times better then twitterfon because 1. It supports multiple accounts 2. Has three cool themes to choose from 3. It has an auto refresh feature 4. This one has a better in-app browser which is shown in the last picture shown below. This app is a well use of $2.99 and I highly recommend it. This is great for people that love to use twitter and use it as an everyday thing like me. I give it an over all 5/5 because it supposets themes and multiple accounts and oh yeah did I forget to mension? It has a land scape keyboard which twitterfon does not suppost. You can argue about which is better in re comments but all I gotta say is tweetie is awesome! Here are some screen shots I took from my iPod touch (I will make a tutorial on how to do it on this blog).

The first, third, and fhith photos are the themes you can choose from the first one is the dark theme. The third is the normal theme, and the fhith is the bubble theme (my favorite:))



April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

IM+ is a cool Instant messaging program that will allow you to chat on yahoo, msn, aim, etc. this can be free at the lite version. But i recommend the plus version it costs approximently 0.99$ i highly recommend this app to anyone that likes to go on instat messaging programs. This app supports multi-accounts at once. You are able to go on, for example, aim and yahoo at once. This app also supports avatars if the IM program is able to support avatars. I will add a picture of it later on. But this app is also perfect for the lite version, but the paid version is better.

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WordPress on ipod touch

April 6, 2009 2 comments

Yup, another iPod app! This it’s wordpress for your iPod/iphone. This is what I’m using to write this blog post! It’s a pretty cool app, you can make posts, add comments, and add multiple accounts! If you turn your iPod side ways, the keyboard will become bigger and the buttons will too! This app is great because say if you come across something and you’re away from your computer, and you are near wifi for ipod touch or you have internet on your iPhone, you can post what you wanna post! This app is a free and you cans find it at the apps store!! I will add the link so you don’t have to find it, I’ll edit this post later so I can find it.

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Here are some pictures of this app:

Twitter on your iPod Touch?

Yes, Twitter on your iPod Touch or Iphone! This app is called TwitterFon, it is a free application in the app store. What you can do with this app is update your twitter account, send replies, and send messages. You can also “Re-tweet” tweets that have already been made. This is a great app for anyone that wants to update there twitter on the go! The only problem is, it does not manage more that one twitter account, like I have. But not to many people I know of have more that one twitter account so thats not a BIG problem. This app only allows 100 refreshes per hour, just like twhirl and twitter etc. Me, i update it about every 5 minutes or so, just because I don’t want to go over the limit and wait the rest of the hour. This is what TwitterFon will look like once you downloaded it on your iPod Touch/iPhone.

Pretty cool icon, pretty cool app.

But I would recommend this program to just about anyone with a twitter account.

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